Seven Mile Coding

Providing free coding lessons for youth in Detroit.

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What we do

Seven Mile Coding aims to provide resources and lasting opportunities for youth in Detroit to learn about coding. Currently, we work with a community center in Brightmoor, Mission:City, to create a safe and creative space for inner-city kids to learn free, one-on-one coding lessons.

Who we are

A group dedicated to teaching coding, run by University of Michigan students studying Computer Science. We are part of the 501(c)3 student organization: Seven Mile, whose mission is founded on providing free and accessible education to youth in Detroit.


Help us introduce youth to computer science and get them started creating with code.

The Details


Our technology of choice for a fun intro to coding

Weekly Lessons

Every week our mentors and students in Brightmoor get together for one-on-one learning

Get in touch

Please reach out to us if you have any questions, or would like to discuss anything.