What we do

Seven Mile Coding believes all youth, regardless of background, deserve access to Computer Programming and Computer Literacy education. Being able to code opens up new outlets for expression and creation that are extremely valuable in today's computer-oriented world. Learning to code also teaches universal skills such as problem-solving, and self-learning.

What We Teach

Our introductory semester will teach students the basics of programming through a combination of Scratch projects and computer-less activities. Our second semester will use Arduinos to show students that code does not only effect what's on computer screens, but has an impact in the physical world that we live in

Our curriculum is designed to be fun and exciting, and show that coding can have applications in so many areas, such as art, music, business, engineering...


Since we teach one-on-one, our students have the ability to explore their interests, and all the while completing our curriculum at their own pace.

7MC teachers can apply their student's interests to the lesson for each week, offering a compelling activity for the student. At the end of the semester, students will be able to show off what they made, and get to see some of the creativity behind coding.

Continuing Coding

One of the main goals of Seven Mile Coding is to make sure those who are intersted in coding, can continue to code. Besides our weekly lessons, we have some additional ways to meet this goal.

Continuing Coding - More Lessons

As we expand, students will be able to return for multiple semesters at Seven Mile Coding. The one-on-one teaching style means students can start learning from wherever they left off.

Continuing Coding - Laptops

Between our weekly lessons, students can take a laptop home to practice their coding skills. After a semester of lessons, we aim to provide passionate, curious students a laptop loaded with resources, so they can continue to learn and make cool stuff.

In order to meet our goal of equiping students with laptops, we need your help. Please visit our Support page if you want to help make this a reality.

Continuing Coding - Remote Support Community

We will have two QA platforms to support students outside the classroom. Students will be able to ask questions and view answers anytime they need.

One platform is online (Piazza), and the other we are developing to be SMS based. This provides ways for teachers and students to interact by asking/answering questions, and discussing coding topics.