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Our general costs consist of transportation (getting Umich students to Detroit), and equipment the students use. Since students get to keep projects they make, like robots, we need to keep up our stock.

Equipment needed

Visit our Amazon Wishlist to directly supply our students with equipment. This semester we are making robots!

Amazon Wishlist


If you would like to help support Seven Mile Coding with a financial contribution, see the options below. For other donation methods, email us at We will send you a reciept after we recieve your donation.


If your employer uses Benevity for donation matching, please search for Seven Mile Coding on your company's Benevity site (ex. to take advantage of the matching.

Venmo @umsevenmilecoding


Please indicate that you are donating to Seven Mile Coding, if necessary, in any relevant field (such as comments) or by email. Otherwise, we might consider your donation to be for the whole of Seven Mile. If you do want to donate to Seven Mile as a whole, please visit sevenmilelink

Breakdown of Semesterly Costs

Check out our budget to see the most up to date breakdown of our costs

Seven Mile Coding cares about your donations. If you want to confirm your donation has been spent appropriatley, email us at