Who we are

Seven Mile Coding is made up of student volunteers who study computer science and computer engineering at the University of Michigan. Our mentors bring their experience and knowledge directly to the students in the Detroit community. Seven Mile Coding is a part of Seven Mile, a nonprofit organization that works to provide accessible education to youth in Detroit.


Maverick Cook - 7MC Chair

Class: Senior in Computer Science BSE

Interests: Animation, movies, digital art, guitar, technology, photography

Ask me about: Batman, making popsicle stick sculptures, movies

Ritam Mehta - Curriculum Director

Class: Senior in Computer Science BS

Interests: Comedy, News & Politics, Hip Hop, Space Jam, Reading

Ask me about: Being Funny, faking it till you make it, coding fun projects, NYC

Tara Safavi - Teaching Director

Class: First year PhD in Computer Science

Interests: Discovering new music, outdoor activities like hiking and camping, politics/world news

Ask me about:


Shreedhar Deshpande - Teacher

Class: Junior in Computer Science BSE

Interests: Huge sports fan, drummer, hip hop fan, food lover

Ask me about: Isaiah Thomas, Kanye West, coding without any experience, Boston

Jonathan Hamermesh - Teacher

Incoming Curriculum Director

Class: Junior in Computer Engineering BSE


Ask me about: Playing a string instrument, listening to classical music and Broadway shows, or the keyboard that I built (and use) and other ways to interact between the physical world and computers.

Madeline Endres - Teacher

Class: Senior in Computer Science BSE

Interests: Playing cello, reading, hiking, watching movies, traveling

Ask me about: Growing up in Alaska, studying two degrees in college, corgis

Ben Li - Teacher

Class: Senior in Neuroscience BS

Interests: Tennis, running, reading, backpacking

Ask me about: Racecars

Junius Murphy - Teacher

Class: Junior in Computer Science BS

Interests: Reading, Producing Beats, Coding, and watching Youtube Videos

Ask me about: Where I got my name, Why my nieces and nephews are older than me, and why I love coding

Mihir Bala - Teacher

Class: Sophmore in Computer Science BSE

Interests: Piano, world cuisine, travel, wildlife, film

Ask me about: Making my own movie

Colin Page - Teacher

Class: Junior in Computer Science BSE

Interests: Tennis, Basketball, Computer Gaming, Music, visual art

Ask me about: Any basketball team, aliens and other fun conspiracy theories, really anything (I love to talk)

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